Internship Program

SID is NOT a tourism-based volunteering experience. Our mission is IMPACT.

SID’s internships are for serious students or young professional who want to be fully engaged in international development projects that challenge the mind and make a real difference. You can become a member of our team either as a Project Manager or as a Global Health Intern.

Project Manager Program

We deliver a complete pre-departure curriculum, field-based training, and mentorship to maximize professional development and project success.

Our Project Manager Program Has Five Stages

1 - Training

Comprehensive online training modules + direct mentorship over Skype. Practical tools for effective field-based leadership and daily living.

2 - Resource Development

Professional quality donor outreach and team-based grant-writing. Build on templates from highly successful past grants.

3 - Orientation

Full-time field coordinator, structured multi-day orientation to region, culture, project, and stakeholders. Local language lessons.

4 - Implementation

Hands-on project implementation in an international context. Consult with local stakeholders, refine a project proposal and budget, and implement the next phase of the project, engaging the community every step of the way.

5 - Transition Planning

Ensure a smooth transition out, settle all expense claims, and tell us one-on-one how it went and how we can do even better.

Global Health Internship Program

We help nursing students and pre-med students start careers in global health

Five Program Pillars

1 - Training

Comprehensive online training modules covering both general living and challenges specific to the internship.

2 - Facility Partnerships

We work with clinics where we have a history and strong community support. In some cases, SID opened them!

3 - Qualified Supervision

All supervisors are licensed healthcare professionals who assume full responsibility for patient care and clinical decisions.

4 - Rotational Programming

We focus on ensuring a broad and interesting range of experiences: primary care, mobile clinics, village-based vaccination, public health messaging campaigns, and facility management. 

5 - Buddy System

Whenever possible, we sponsor a local nursing student to intern alongside you, and to help with translation and your integration into to the local culture and workplace. 

Current Opportunities


Clinical Internship in Nursing, Medicine, and Optometry; Health and Water Infrastructure; Digital Curriculum Development; Rural Science Lab Design


Digital Curriculum Development; Launch Innovative After-School Tutoring Program; Training Local Health Promotion / WASH Teams


HIV Prevention for Vulnerable Women, Innovative Remedial ESL and Math Program, Planning Major Health Infrastructure

Volunteer Voices

In my short time as a global health intern, I learned more than I ever could by sitting in a classroom, and I now cannot wait to expand my knowledge further while pursuing a career in global health/medicine.

Diana Malandruccolo