Vulnerable Women’s Health Project Manager

Summer & Fall 2017 (minimum 8 weeks)

SID has partnered with The Olive Branch for Children (TOBFC) in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania to help vulnerable women explore, learn and open up about their own bodies and what it means to be a healthy woman. This life-changing program, carefully designed by TOBFC with support from health professionals and the local government, reaches women who have become economically and psychologically disadvantaged by delivering programming in their local communities, schools and even in their own homes. The program works with the women themselves to teach hands-on cancer screening tests, challenge existing understanding of maternal and infant nutrition, and normalize the menstrual cycle.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead vulnerable women’s health initiatives with a focus on maternal and prenatal health
  • Collaborate with local health professionals to provide basic diagnostic services and outpatient treatments through mobile clinics to patients in remote communities
  • Create and implement health seminars that will provide rural communities an understanding of healthy livelihoods
  • Challenge understandings of gender rights and the sexuality of Tanzanian women
  • Establish long-term collaboration with local partners and create a detailed plan to sustain the program(s) in following years

Application Process

Step 1:

Email your resume to


Step 3:

We will contact you to arrange an informational interview

Step 4:

If there is mutual interest, we will invite you to a second interview