OVC Remedial Education Project Manager

Summer 2017 (minimum 10 weeks)

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a proposal for a remedial education program/resource center for OVCs with learning challenges
  • Research need for remedial education programs such as a preparation program for national exams, basic reading and numeracy for young students who have fallen behind, etc.
  • Develop hands-on activity-based learning modules and/or adapt those from other NGOs to the local context for upper primary students preparing for national exams
  • Pilot and evaluate the program
  • Collaborate with other OVC PMs, particularly those working on the peer tutoring program
  • Consider the possibility of this program as an extension of the peer tutoring program and look for ways to incentivize older student volunteers (upper primary/secondary students and/or umeployed youth in the community) to work a couple hours a week with students with challenges