Health Infrastructure Project Manager

Summer 2017 (minimum 8 weeks)

Key Responsibilities

  •  Lead the first phase of planning and/or construction for one of three projects: nurses’ quarters at a local medical dispensary or a medical lab (Kenya) or a test and treat facility in a rural community (Tanzania)
  • Work in collaboration with local nurses, health officials, and other stakeholders to understand community needs
  • Obtain government approval from the Ministry of Health and Public Health Department to confirm site and blueprints/floorplans
  • Write a detailed funding proposal for your project site in collaboration with relevant stakeholders (dispensary staff, health officials, and local partner organizations) and make a plan for any long-term costs (i.e. building damage, renovations, future assessment, etc.)
  • Develop a detailed manual for certain construction processes and a step-by-step guide for getting early ministry approval, both of which will be integrated into existing project manuals

Application Process

Step 1:

Email your resume to


Step 3:

We will contact you to arrange an informational interview

Step 4:

If there is mutual interest, we will invite you to a second interview