1Room Curriculum Development Manager


Summer & Fall 2017 (minimum 8 weeks)

Key Responsibilities

  • Produce comprehensive digital courses for upper secondary students, with a focus on subjects of difficulty (communication, math, and science) and with sensitivity to local learning needs and strict adherence to national curriculum
  • Adapt and develop hands-on, activity-based learning modules from other NGOs to the local context
  • Develop individualized remedial education activities for at-risk students
  • Curate a collection of open-source/creative commons digital and print learning materials to supplement the resources produced in-house
  • Identify gaps in existing creative commons teaching materials, such as Khan Academy Lite, to prioritize topics for in-house production
  • Participate in script-writing, recording, slide production with local staff
  • Develop a detailed modular teacher training curriculum that helps teachers use our technology platform to create individualized lessons and measure student progress
  • Assist in creating a long-term organization system for digital- and paper-based academic content
  • Conduct quality assurance research (i.e. focus groups, etc.) to test material

Application Process

Step 1:

Email your resume to applications@sidcanada.org


Step 3:

We will contact you to arrange an informational interview

Step 4:

If there is mutual interest, we will invite you to a second interview