Basic Information

Kenya is an amazingly beautiful and diverse country. If you volunteer in Kenya, it will come to feel like a second home.

The Republic of Kenya is a democratic and market-oriented country in East Africa just south of the Horn of Africa, in between Somalia and Tanzania. With a population of around 50 million, Kenya boasts an abundance of different cultures and climates. English and Kiswahili are the official languages, which many people in urban areas are able to speak. There are over 70 different ethnic groups indigenous to Kenya, which speak 68 languages in total, many of which are the only language spoken by their respective group in rural areas. The coastal areas of Kenya on the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria have tropical climates, and the interior of the country has various mountains, deserts, rainy and temperate highlands, and savannahs. National parks and wildlife reservations make up a significant amount of the country’s land and economic base from tourism.

Where We Work

Since gaining independence in 1963, Kenya has been a country that has seen enormous gains in the span of 56 years. Deemed one of the “lion economies” of Africa, Kenya has resumed a growth percentage of 5.7% up until 2018 alone–making it one of “the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa,” according to the World Bank Group. Students for International Development (SID) hopes to give students from all around the world the opportunity to be a part of the amazing changes that are happening in Kenya through our Vihiga and Kisumu locations. 

Simboyi Primary School

This is where our Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program and its interns are located.

Lions High School

One of the secondary school locations for the 1Room program and its interns.

St. Theresa's Girl Secondary School for Girls

One of the secondary school locations for the 1Room program and its interns.

Inyali Dispensary

This is where SID’s Global Health Interns work. Here, they helped build the maternity ward and lab, and are currently building the nurse’s quarters and equipping the pharmacy.

Munoywa Dispensary

This is where SID’s Global Health Interns work. Here, they built the maternity ward and lab, as well as provided lab equipment.


Vihiga is a town located along the road between Kisumu and Kakamega. Vihiga, the town, and Vihiga County, the surrounding area, share the same name and of which the latter includes the capital town of the county, Mbale. The municipality of Vihiga has a population of 118,696 as of 2009, which includes six districts but the one that SID works in, in particular, is North Marigoli, a part of Sabatia sub-county.

SID’s work in this Western Kenyan region pre-dates the existence of SID as a non-profit corporation. It was here that our first student-led projects started in 2007 and 2008. If your passion lies in public health, providing social services, micro-economics, and building water infrastructure, consider working in the village in Vihiga.

We have since supported a wide variety of activities, including improving health and health infrastructure at the Inyali and Munoywa dispensaries, water infrastructure all over Vihiga, setting up microfinance workshops for the surrounding community, gardens for various health clinics, providing optical medical services in partnership with Sabatia Eye Hospital, as well as running the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and remedial education programs at Simboyi Primary School.


Kisumu City, formerly known as Port Florence (the inland port of Lake Victoria), is the largest city in Western Kenya and the third largest city in the country. It has a population of roughly 900,000 people and is located in Kisumu County, one of 47 counties in the Republic of Kenya. Previously, this district was considered the former Nyanza Province of whose borders follow those of the now Kisumu County.

Kisumu shows promise for the next generation of SID projects. Most notably, the 1Room program, which started in late 2015. Its mission is to make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, was implemented here and in Vihiga as well. If your passion lies in education, technology, basic coding, and teacher training, consider working at the office in Kisumu.

Our projects in Kisumu are located at the St. Theresa’s School for Girls and Lions High School where we provide young mothers, high school dropouts and those at risk of dropping out with digitized remedial education.

Projects in Kenya


Make high school accessible to anyone, anywhere by designing a one-room schoolhouse for the 21st Century

Health Infrastructure

Coordinate local construction teams to open government-run clinics, wards, and labs in extremely poor rural communities.

Water Infrastructure

Rehabilitate natural groundwater springs to improve sustainable water access and water safety in rural Kenya.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

We find children at serious risk of illness or abandonment, and ensure they are healthy, in school, and learning well.