About Us

Providing young adults with the training and field-based internships needed to reduce global poverty in Kenya and Peru. 

Students for International Development (SID) prides itself on mobilizing university and graduate students, as well as young professionals, who seek a platform for social impact and the opportunity to gain serious professional growth in the field.

Volunteering and Grassroots Organizing is in our DNA, as is partnering with local community members and stakeholders.

We are a volunteer-run organization driven in tandem with full-time field-based coordinators. Together, our programs, trainings, and projects have been a success due to the partnerships and productivity produced by volunteers, organizational members, and field partners alike. A community effort meant to ensure relevance, sustainability, and quality long-term management.

We help build

– Clinics
– Labs
– Maternity wards
– Water springs
– Rainwater harvesting systems

We help design

– Orphan support programs
– Custom digital courses
– Peer helping and tutoring clubs
– Disease prevention strategies

We help cultivate

– Local ownership
– Ambition and empowerment

We help challenge

– HIV stigma
– Patriarchy and sexism

International Volunteer Organization

How are we different from other international volunteer organizations?

  • Extensive pre-departure training and field-based professional development
  • Projects are complex, professionally challenging, and high impact
  • All work is done with support from local government
  • We are a volunteer-run not-for-profit
  • We ensure ultra affordable living costs through our team housing

Why Join Us?

  • Have a direct and lasting impact
  • Jump-start a career in international development
  • Work with a driven and fun team
  • More community based programs and fieldwork, less paper-pushing

Additional Opportunities

We are Member Governed

All international volunteers become members of SID. Members elect our board, can propose new policy, and have a say in planning future projects. As a member, you can also participate in the selection and mentorship of new recruits who will carry forward your work overseas. 

Member Benefits

All SID alumni in good standing are welcome to join any of our international project teams and will receive a major subsidy towards team living expenses (between 50-100%). Depending on the work duration, project budget, and responsibilities, SID or partner charities may cover international travel as well. 

√ Over 200 international volunteers have advanced our projects

√ Over $250,000 CAD spent on initiatives

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

“Working with SID broadened my horizons personally and professionally. Shortly after volunteering with SID, I was able to secure a fully funded position in community economic development in the Philippines through the Canadian International Development Agency Youth Internship Program.”

Chiara Magboo


Over 200 international volunteers have advanced our projects


Over $250,000 CAD spent on initiatives

How we got started

SID was founded by Canadian university students who believe that social impact and professional growth go hand-in-hand.


2007-2009: University of Toronto students organized projects in Kenya and Peru


2009-2013: SID became a registered non-profit corporation


2013-present: SID’s founders set up PfID, an affiliated charity, to manage and fund SID’s long-term projects in partnership with local organizations